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Another fruit infuser bottle that is making some headway in the ever-growing fruit infusing water bottle market is the Infusion Pro Premium by Infusion Pro.

This Prodyne Pitcher can continually be refilled without replacing the fruit.The Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher allows you to enjoy refreshing lemon water, raspberry iced tea and more, naturally infusing the. liquids and the fruits via the open slot in the fruit infusion rod.

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Enjoy refreshing beverages and keep them chilled with this attractive combo pitcher.

You can float the ingredients freely in water or use an infusion pitcher.Infused water kicks up the flavor of regular water to encourage you to drink more and stay hydrated.From a mixed melon medley to an orange strawberry mint drink, these healthy drinks will provide tons of nutritional benefits, are easy to prepare, and will give your water the refreshing upgrade it sometimes needs.

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Fruit Infusion Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher Enjoy refreshing lemon water, raspberry iced tea and more.It can be tricky to clean the skinny infusion rod with a sponge.

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Aside from coming across as beautiful, drinkable works of art, infused waters have a subtly sweet taste and a cleansing effect on your body that is equal parts refreshing and healthy.Simply add your favorite fruit slices to the fruit infusion tube.With this Fruit Infusion Pitcher, you will have a removable rod that can easily be filled with cut lemons, limes, raspberries or any fruit of your choosing.The Triple Infusion Pitcher by Gourmet2Day helps you make Fruit Infused Water, as well as tea.

Here are some great fruits, vegetables and combinations for infused water.

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As the fruit infuses the water with flavor, the fruit itself has less flavor and more water.

Crystal clear acrylic pitcher has removable fruit infusion rod that screws into lid.And at 24 ounces and with an elegant design, it is easy to carry.

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Inspired by. berries, melons, fresh ginger, and mint are all good choices.Made with high quality BPA free crystal clear materials, this pitcher is very durable and beautiful on any table, indoors and outdoors, for all occasions.Infusing water with fruit might add a negligible amount of nutrients from the fruit, but the real nutritional benefit is to make you want to drink more water.Fruit Infuser Bottles. 1. Jump To:-Health Benefits of Fruit Infused Water Drinking Fruit Infused Water Can Help You Lose Weight Tips For Drinking More Fruit Infused Water.

The bottom placement of the fruit infuser means that you get the maximum fruit essence from your fruits.

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You can make a serving of infused water in a single glass, or use an fruit infusion pitcher to make a large batch.This leak-proof bottle has a large infusion chamber and is easy to grip.

The FRUIT INFUSION™ Natural Flavor Infuser Pitcher

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Get a little creative with your infusion pitcher from Primula.

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Trade in your flavored water and sugary juices for these healthy infused flavor water recipes.

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