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American Kenpo Professor Dennis Conatser founded the International Kenpo Karate Organization in 1998.Senior Professor Jamie Seabrook is a 7th Degree American Kenpo Karate Black Belt (promoted in 2015 by Grandmaster Larry Tatum), and also holds black belts in Modern Arnis (promoted in 1991 by Grandmaster Remy Presas) and Black Dragon System Kung Fu (promoted in 1994 by Master Paul Chau).

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We work closely with our clients to make sure that all of their specifications are met.In the United States, kenpo is often referred to as Kenpo Karate.

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We offer programs appropriate for martial arts students of all ages and fitness levels, designed to improve coordination, strength and flexibility.Mr LaBounty was the highest ranking American Kenpo Black Belt in the San Francisco Bay Area, and founded the National Chinese Kenpo Karate Association (NCKKA) with the blessings of his instructor, Grandmaster Ed Parker.

Kellogg has been in the Martial arts over 38 years. Mr. Kellogg is under Mr. Bob White. Mr. Kellogg has had his school over 25 years.This is the stage where the individual is more impressed with his own physical prowess. 2. THE DRAGON — represents spiritual strength which comes with seasoning.



From Self-Defense to building small and large motor skills to improving your balance, coordination, timing and improved concentration, relaxation, focus, control, discipline, removing peer pressure, controlling adrenaline rush and learning to be.Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios specializes in personalized martial arts instruction for the entire family.

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Students listed are active within the Kenpo universe or atributes their method to be influenced by Master of the Arts Andy Fitzgerald).

Like many American innovations, Kenpo Karate was created to empower the individual.Head of Instructor: Gary Wilson As of 2015, he is 7th Degree Senior Professor 2nd Generation Ed Parker Black Belt.

American Kenpo Karate Academy will help to develop the self confidence that you need to protect your family and property, if the need arises.It was designed to be a logical and practical self-defense skill for Americans.See more information about American Family Kenpo Karate, find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career.American Family Kenpo Karate in San Diego, CA is truly one of the stand out martial arts schools in the area.John Sepulveda, who has over 50 years experience in American Kenpo and holds an 10th Degree Black Belt (Master of the Arts). Mr. Sepulveda was one of a very few who was a direct student of Senior Grandmaster Parker before his untimely passing.

As soon as you become a student at American Family Kenpo Karate you join a community that works together towards improved physical strength and stamina, better overall health and fitness, and stronger mental discipline.Located in Santa Ana California, we try to make karate affordable to everyone.

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The most famous style of traditional American karate is the Chuck Norris system.Granite State American Kenpo Karate in Hudson 4th Degree Black Belt.We have a great class, schedule that will fit almost anyone needs.Kenpo karate is a comprehensive system of modern self-defense as well as fitness.

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Welcome to American Family Kenpo Karate, offers karate lessons in Spring Valley, CA, and for the surrounding areas.American Family Kenpo Karate is dedicated to teaching you and your child one of the most comprehensive and innovated martial arts systems known today.The system taught at Double Dragon is American Kenpo Karate which is an empty handed system.Kenpo Karate is not a competition art, it is a self protection system designed to deal with street scenarios.

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This company offers a specialty in teaching martial arts to men, women, and children starting at age 3, and includes first lesson free.

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American Family Kenpo Karate is dedicated to teaching you and or child one of the most comprehensive and innovated systems known today.

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